The Women of the House

Jane Anne Mallet Settle

About the Book
The Women of the House is a trilogy of life stories of women from three generations of one Georgia family. Author Jane Anne Mallet Settle, a fourth generation "woman of the house" and a witness to many chapters, spent two decades sifting through a wealth of their papers, letters, and photographs. She provides a uniquely detailed and well documented  account of the happiness they find in friendships, marriages, babies, and promising careers that carries them through the hardships caused by events from the Civil War through the Great Depression, twentieth-century wars, the sorrows of the premature deaths of children, and the challenges of surviving independently when widowed before middle age. The foundation of their strength is an intangible inspiring life philosophy passed from one generation to the next and symbolized by a tangible link—Heritage—the Jackson, Georgia, home in which their lives were set for more than one hundred years. 

Hard Cover; 364 Pages; 48 illustrations; 6 x 9 inches
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The Author
Jane Anne Mallet Settle is a native of Jackson, Georgia, where she grew up in the house built by her great grandparents. She received her bachelor's degree from Weslyan College in Macon,  and,  while a graduate student at Emory University, married another student, John Settle, also a Jackson native. They returned to Jackson where they raised two daughters and Jane Anne taught English in the local high school and nearby community college. In 1969, John's career in the Department of Defense led to a three year residence in Frankfurt, West Germany.  Then followed moves to Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Germany again. Wherever they lived, Jane Anne taught in an international school, in a county prison, in an alternative school for teenagers in crisis, in adult education programs, and in college classes for U.S. servicemen and women stationed abroad. 

When John Settle retired from government service in 1985, the couple returned to live in Jackson where he manages family businesses, primarily tree farming. Their activities include church and community affairs, gardening, music, and as much travel as possible. Jane Anne occassionally contributes to the local newspaper. She has been a member of Women's Words: On Record, a women's writing group, since its founding in 1987. Their continued involvement in family life continues to be their greatest pleasure.

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