US Review of Books

"More than the collective memories of three generations of women from one Georgia family, The Women of the House is a splendidly rendered Literature of fact, employing vivid setting and period details that render a trilogy of the memorable life stories of Jane Anne Mallet Settle's mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. . . . Part family history, part time travel, the Women of the House has the depth and complexity necessary to entice and emotionally link a legacy of past and future generations of readers."
—J. Alpha, 2009

Ohio Genealogical Quarterly

" . . . it is a wonderful example for genealogists anywhere of the kind of family history which can be created from those years of research, with gratitude to the forebears who kept things. . . . the book reads as one continuing true life narrative, with the characters fully developed, each of the principal players a distinctive personality. Mrs. Settle brings her whole extended family to life and lets the reader share their hardships and successes, their joys and sorrows."
—MHS, Winter 2009

Wesleyan Magazine

"Jane Anne Mallet Settle provides a uniquely detailed and well documented account of the happiness these women and their families found in friendships, marriages, children, and promising careers . . . though they had the house in common the three women of the house were distinctly different. 'We built it, lived in it, continued to change it. We have taken pride in it, cared for it and neglected it, been shackled to it, ignored it, laughed at it. We have cried and found sanctuary in this house.'"
—Mary Ann Howard, Winter, 2009

Jackson Progress Argus

" . . . occasionally a historic narrative is so wonderfully woven, so carefully paced and arranged, narrated with such humor, honesty, and style that the reader is immersed in the events of long ago and experiences the characters' emotions as his or her own. In Jane Anne Settle's new book the power of real events combines with the ethos of one family to create an inspiring, readable story. . . . And she has given us the privilege of sharing her family history. It is a joy to do so."
—Cheryl Hilderbrand, July 2009

Emory Magazine

"All in the Family: In a trilogy of true-life stories, Jane Anne Mallet Settle 48M, an English teacher, recounts the compelling personal history of multiple generations of women from one Georgia family linked by the house her great-grandparents built. The Women of the House (Violet Press, 2009) spans a hundred years, through the Civil War and the Great Depression, loving marriages, the loss of children, enduring friendships, and promising careers. The author's father, Hugh Mallet Sr. 11C, and her brother Hugh Mallet Jr. 51C are also included."
—Mallory Goldberg 10C, Alumni Ink, Autumn 2009